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Unlock Global Success: Cross-Cultural Communication Training

Are you navigating the intricate world of cross-cultural communication, where you know a single word or gesture can make all the difference? Whether you're a beginner seeking fundamental skills or a seasoned professional striving for excellence, our tailored training and keynote presentations are designed just for you.

Who is this for?

Our training is perfect for individuals and organizations already working or seeking to engage in cross-cultural, international contexts. Whether you're a professional, business leader, or team manager, our services are tailored to meet your unique needs.

Your Options:


Cross-Cultural Communication Coaching:

  • Tailored guidance for your specific situation or challenges.

  • Learn to communicate with confidence and cultural sensitivity.

  • Overcome communication barriers and seize international opportunities


Keynote Presentations:

  • Gain insights from captivating keynote presentations.

  • Acquire practical tips and strategies for effective global communication.

  • Leave inspired and equipped to apply your newfound knowledge immediately.


Global Communication Workshops:

  • Equip your team with essential cross-cultural skills.

  • Foster a collaborative, international mindset within your organization.

  • Enhance communication for global success.

Your Benefits:

  • Bridge cultural gaps: Our training empowers you to connect with international counterparts seamlessly, avoiding misunderstandings and missteps.

  • Boost confidence: Gain the knowledge and skills you need to communicate effectively in any cross-cultural context.

  • Unlock opportunities: Enhanced cross-cultural communication opens doors to new markets, partnerships, and collaborations.

  • Inspired workforce: Equip your team with the tools they need to excel in a global environment, fostering a more inclusive and dynamic workplace.

"I had the privilege to organize a workshop with Weirong Li, where she spoke about the value of storytelling in bridging cultural gaps. She is an engaging speaker who easily merges her personal story with relevant content. This workshop would be valuable in a variety of contexts, both professional and educational as well as in personal development. You can look forward to a fun and interactive session while reflecting your own cultural environment."

Your Coach:
Weirong Li

Weirong is the founder and CEO of Raw Culture. And an Intercultural Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Moderator, and Facilitator. With a diverse background as someone born and raised in Hungary to Chinese parents, educated in the American school system, and now based in Austria, Weirong brings a unique perspective to her work in intercultural communication and diversity and inclusion within teams. She has worked with universities, corporates, NGOs, NPOs, startups, and think tanks. And she has working knowledge in English, Chinese, and German. 

Get Started Now

Don't let communication barriers hold you back from global success! Take the first step towards becoming a cross-cultural communication expert and seize opportunities like never before. Join us on this transformative journey to unlock your international potential!

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