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Weirong Li

She is the founder and CEO of Raw Culture. And an Intercultural Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Moderator, and Facilitator. With a diverse background as someone born and raised in Hungary to Chinese parents, educated in the American school system, and now based in Austria, Weirong brings a unique perspective to her work in intercultural communication and diversity and inclusion within teams. She has worked with universities, corporates, NGOs, NPOs, startups, and think tanks. And she has working knowledge in English, Chinese, and German. 


Weirong believes in the transformative power of storytelling. Her consultancy is dedicated to connecting people through the art of storytelling. She specializes in helping organizations and teams harness the potential of diverse narratives to foster universal communication and cultural understanding.

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Keynote Speeches

Inspire and engage your audience with insightful talks on intercultural communication and diversity.

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Intercultural Communication Training

Enhance your team's ability to effectively communicate and collaborate across cultures.


Diversity and Inclusion Workshops

Foster a culture of inclusivity and celebrate diversity within your organization.

"I had the privilege to organize a workshop with Weirong Li, where she spoke about the value of storytelling in bridging cultural gaps. She is an engaging speaker who easily merges her personal story with relevant content. This workshop would be valuable in a variety of contexts, both professional and educational as well as in personal development. You can look forward to a fun and interactive session while reflecting your own cultural environment."
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